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Name: Allo

Note: Also known as CEM Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


2014-05-27 14:41:32

The ID you are posting is a device ID under vendor d161 (Digium, Inc.).
Is this a device with ID d161:1d21 or is 1d21 a vendor ID?


2014-05-27 17:35:04

Deletion request

This did not come from digium. The VID must be incorrect


2014-05-27 18:53:56

Name: Allo

Note: Request to add Allo VID in your PCI ID repository

1D21 is a Allo's Vender ID, So I was trying to add as a vender ID but it added as card ID under Digium Vender ID. Please delete it and add ALLO VID i.e "1D21" as a new vender ID.


2014-05-28 09:43:42

Thanks, I have added it; you could have done this yourself by clicking Add Item when you're at the list of vendors, instead of clicking Add Item when you're on the page of Digium.


2014-05-28 11:22:08



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