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Name: Endace Measurement Systems, Ltd


Name: Endace Measurement Systems, Ltd

2008-10-06 17:52:41



Id Name Note
3100DAG 3.10 OC-3/OC-12
3200DAG 3.2x OC-3/OC-12
320eDAG 3.2E Fast Ethernet
340eDAG 3.4E Fast Ethernet
341eDAG 3.41E Fast Ethernet
3500DAG 3.5 OC-3/OC-12
351cDAG 3.5ECM Fast Ethernet
360dDAG 3.6D DS3
360eDAG 3.6E Fast Ethernet
368eDAG 3.6E Gig Ethernet
3707DAG 3.7T T1/E1/J1
370dDAG 3.7D DS3/E3
378eDAG 3.7G Gig Ethernet
3800DAG 3.8S OC-3/OC-12
4100DAG 4.10 OC-48
4110DAG 4.11 OC-48
4220DAG 4.2 OC-48
422eDAG 4.2GE Gig Ethernet
4230DAG 4.2S OC-48
423eDAG 4.2GE Gig Ethernet
4300DAG 4.3S OC-48
430eDAG 4.3GE Gig Ethernet
452eDAG 4.5G2 Gig Ethernet
454eDAG 4.5G4 Gig Ethernet
45b8DAG 4.5Z8 Gig Ethernet
45beDAG 4.5Z2 Gig Ethernet
520eDAG 5.2X 10G Ethernet
521aDAG 5.2SXA 10G Ethernet/OC-192
5400DAG 5.4S-12 OC-3/OC-12
5401DAG 5.4SG-48 Gig Ethernet/OC-3/OC-12/OC-48
540aDAG 5.4GA Gig Ethernet
541aDAG 5.4SA-12 OC-3/OC-12
542aDAG 5.4SGA-48 Gig Ethernet/OC-3/OC-12/OC-48
6000DAG 6.0SE 10G Ethernet/OC-192
6100DAG 6.1SE 10G Ethernet/OC-192
6200DAG 6.2SE 10G Ethernet/OC-192
7100DAG 7.1S OC-3/OC-12
7400DAG 7.4S OC-3/OC-12
7401DAG 7.4S48 OC-48
752eDAG 7.5G2 Gig Ethernet
754eDAG 7.5G4 Gig Ethernet
8100DAG 8.1X 10G Ethernet
8101DAG 8.1SX 10G Ethernet/OC-192
8102DAG 8.1X 10G Ethernet
820eDAG 8.2X 10G Ethernet
820fDAG 8.2X 10G Ethernet (2nd bus)
8400DAG 8.4I Infiniband x4 SDR
8500DAG 8.5I Infiniband x4 DDR
9200DAG 9.2SX2 10G Ethernet
920eDAG 9.2X2 10G Ethernet
9540DAG 9.5G4 Gig Ethernet
954fDAG 9.5G4F Gig Ethernet
a120DAG 10X2-P 10G Ethernet
a12eDAG 10X2-S 10G Ethernet
a140DAG 10X4-P 10/40G Ethernet
a14eDAG 10X4-S 10/40G Ethernet
eacevDAG virtual device

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